Overwatch now supports cross-play between PC and home


Today, Blizzard has officially announced the release of a beta that tests the cross-play experience of its popular and successful game Overwatch, which will allow players to work together as a team whether they are on one or several different devices from PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and even PC.

The cross-play beta is available thanks to the new update that Battle.net gets, which merges friend lists from different devices and regions, which means that you no longer have to switch regions with Battle.net to play with your friends.

In order to enable the cross-play beta of Overwatch, players will have to log into their Battle.net account and link their console accounts to PSN, Xbox Live, and even Nintendo Switch Online.

The company also announced a reward for those who will try the cross-play beta until December 31, where they will receive a gold loot chest for free.
It is reported that the company Blizzard She indicated that she will reveal new things in Overwatch 2 during the Summer Games Fest, and of course we will provide you with all the announcements as soon as they are released.


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