OnePlus has become a sub-brand of Oppo


CEO said قال لشركة OnePlus, Pete Lau, last week: The company is more integrated With a company Oppo, but did not explain how this works in practice.

Andhappened Now leaker Evan Blass is on a document as a talking point note for use by OnePlus’ PR department, and he explains the integration in clearer terms.

With the integration, OnePlus has become a brand within Oppo, yet continues to operate as an independent entity, the document said.

The memo also states that Pete Lau’s role as Chief Product Officer at Oppo makes him responsible for the product strategies of both Oppo and OnePlus.

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It was speculated that OnePlus would be treated primarily as a sub-brand of Oppo, maintaining a separate consumer-facing operation but integrating business activities in areas beyond product development.

The note emphasizes that this is essentially what is happening. “By merging both companies, we have more resources on hand to create better products,” she says. This also allows us to be more efficient in our operations.

Global versions of OnePlus phones run on OxygenOS, while Chinese models run on HydrogenOS before it was replaced by Oppo’s ColorOS.

OnePlus customers were concerned about replacing OxygenOS with ColorOS due to the company’s deeper integration with Oppo.

Lau emphasized that OxygenOS remains the operating system for global OnePlus devices outside the China market.

The memo asked employees not to answer any questions related to the operating system or ColorOS. And give the following response to queries: We do not currently have any updates regarding operating systems.

OnePlus sub-brand of Oppo:

OnePlus and Oppo merged their research and development divisions early in the year. So more integration is about simplifying day-to-day business operations.

OnePlus customers shouldn’t necessarily expect much change, as shared ownership and supply chain mean there are similarities between Oppo and OnePlus phones.

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And with OnePlus acknowledging their relationship rather than acting as an unstable startup, all eyes are on the company’s upcoming flagship phones.

OnePlus co-founders Pete Lau and Carl Bay previously worked together at Oppo. Lau, CEO of OnePlus, took on a second position as Chief Product Officer at Oppo in May 2020.

It has since merged a number of OnePlus teams with Oppo to better streamline our operations and take advantage of additional shared resources.

After seeing the positive impact of these changes, OnePlus decided to further integrate its organization with Oppo. The announcement comes six months after OnePlus merged its research and development resources with Oppo.


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