Once again, Ahlam raises controversy.. A picture that exposes her to criticism and ridicule!


Trade site pioneers image Emirati artist Ahlam Al Shamsi published it through her account on Snapchat from inside her home, and despite her spontaneity and lack of clarity, she was accused of exaggerating and criticized.

Ahlam sparked a great controversy after she appeared in a selfie she took, in full elegance and strong makeup, and she was carrying an incense burner topped with a very large piece of oud, which exposed her to sarcastic comments..

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Although it was not clear why Ahlam carried this piece, the size of the large oud piece prompted many commentators to accuse it of showing off and exaggerating, while some compared the oud pieces they use in their homes and that huge piece.

On the other hand, Ahlam sent a message to the artist, Elissa, via “Twitter”, in which she confirmed that she is waiting for the latter’s expected concert in Riyadh, saying: “Waiting, my beautiful character, my wonderful friend.” Elisa replied to her, saying: “Dreams of my beloved, I hope to see you a lot. I miss you and love you a lot.”


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