Omar Al-Jasser suffers from a terminal illness and Turki Al-Sheikh responds to Fayez Al-Maliki’s appeal – with the picture


The Saudi artist announcedFayez al-MalikiDetails of the injury of the Saudi artist and directorOmar Al-Jasser​ A brain tumor that needs medical follow-up in a hospital to eradicate it, appealing to the head of the Entertainment Authority, Counselor ​Turki Al SheikhTo come to his aid, Al-Maliki published a picture of Al-Jasser and attached it to his message: “The director and theater actor Omar Al-Jasser, who presented and continues to provide a lot for the Saudi theater, suffers from a brain tumor and must be removed in a large hospital. We hope in God and then you, His Excellency the Minister.”
The Sheikh’s family responded quickly, stressing that he would do what he could towards him and requested a means of communication with Al-Jasser, according to a comment he made on Fayez Al-Maliki’s post.

It is noteworthy that Omar Al-Jasser, a Saudi actor and director, was born on January 1, 1962. He founded the Jeddah Theatrical Arts Troupe, which is the first private theater group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the Culture and Arts Association, in 1986, and is considered the first theater group to participate In the Abha Cultural Competition and the Janadriyah Festival, she won many awards. He also wrote and directed many documentaries, events, and commercials.

His works include writing 38 theatrical scripts, four series and television nights, and two radio series, as he appeared in 56 plays, 54 television series, and many radio series, and directed 64 theatrical performances, two television series, and three variety programmes, and helped direct three plays, and prepared 15 Theatrical script and treatment of “three series in a dramatic manner.


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