Omani anger at the referee of the Qatar match (video)


Omani fans poured out their anger on Sri Lankan referee Krishanthi Pereira, after their team lost to its Qatari counterpart (0-1) in the qualifiers for the 2023 Asian Cup and 2022 World Cup.

The match witnessed clear refereeing errors, according to the testimony of sports analysts, as the referee canceled a valid goal for the Oman team in the last minutes, and overlooked a clear penalty kick for the Omani Red, while he awarded a questionable penalty for the Qatar national team, according to Omani media professionals and the Oman national team goalkeeper. , Fayez Al-Rashidi.

Al-Rashidi said in statements after the match: “We did not succeed in the result of the match today, despite the good level we presented.”

He added: “I think that the goal we scored in today’s match was not an offside, and we were not awarded a correct penalty, and in general I do not say that as a justification or suspension of the loss on any hanger, but to confirm that the Omani team players did not fall short at all today and presented Great match.”

On the Oman national team’s chances of qualifying after today’s loss, Al-Rashidi said: “Our chances of qualifying exist, and it is necessary that we strive more in the coming period in order to achieve our goal of ascension, in the matches of Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

The Omani media launched an attack on the Sri Lankan referee, after the match, describing him as a failure in managing the match and causing the defeat of the Omani Reds, who performed well.

Ibrahim Al-Muqbali, president of the Omani Sohar Club, said through his official account on Twitter: “A farce of arbitration in the truest sense of the word, thank you to the Omani heroes.”

And the journalist Badr Al-Ghaithi published a “tweet” through his account, in which he said: “The Football Association is responsible and required to take a position and register an objection to the flagrant arbitration errors.

While Daoud Al-Shezawi, the former president of Sohar Club, commented, “In short, Asian football suffers from corruption.”

The Qatari media, Ali Issa, agreed with the Omani street, and confirmed that: “The Sri Lankan government is forbidden. It is among the elite rulers in Asia, the injustice of the Oman national team.”

Qatari striker Hassan Khaled Al Haidos scored the only winning goal for “Al Annabi”, in the 39th minute, from a penalty kick.

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The Qatar national team achieved its sixth consecutive victory and seventh in these qualifiers, compared to one draw, to enhance its position on the top spot in Group E, with 22 points, and ensured its qualification to the 2023 Asian Cup finals in China.

On the other hand, the balance of the Oman national team stopped at 12 points and occupies the second place, and its hopes of qualifying for the second round have dwindled, but the accounts remain in the last two rounds, when it faces the Bangladesh and Afghanistan teams.

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