Okaz Transport Authority: penalties await violating rental companies – Saudi News


The Director of Institutional Communication and Marketing at the Public Transport Authority, Saleh Ibrahim Al-Zuwaid, revealed to “Okaz” that the unified electronic contract for car rental guarantees the governance of rental operations, which helps eliminate wrong and illegal practices in the car rental sector. He added that with the unified contract, the personal jurisprudence of leasing offices and facilities will be abolished, and leasing requirements will be unified to be clear and known to all.It is noteworthy that the Public Transport Authority has set the date for the mandatory implementation of the decision to limit the issuance of all car rental contracts through the “Tajeer” portal, and to oblige all car rental facilities in the Kingdom to adopt the unified electronic contract, which will be issued through the authority’s electronic portal “Taajeer”, according to Four phases, the first of which begins on Dhu Al-Hijjah 15, 1442, corresponding to July 25, 2021.

The authority indicated that the decision comes from its regulatory and legislative role for transport activities in the Kingdom, and as an extension of its plan to develop the vehicle rental sector in order to achieve aspirations and support the rest of the sectors such as tourism, entertainment and business. The relationship is their rights according to a unified contract with complete requirements and regular clauses through (rental portal), where the contract clarifies the obligations and rights of the beneficiary and shows the terms of delivery of the vehicle and the delay in that, and it addresses many of the problems and abuses in setting irregular requirements such as the use of securities, whether the bond or the bill of exchange, and guarantees the beneficiary Vehicle regularity, type and validity of insurance and vehicle technical examination.


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