“Oh my life, my soul and my heart” (photo)


Egyptian actor Hani Adel published a photo through his account on “Instagram” that he gathered with his wife, Lebanese actress Diaman Bou Aboud, from their wedding ceremony. Expressing his love for Aboud, he wrote:

“The heart from which I learned a lot, and from which I thought every thing in life would have meaning…in one of our friends, we said on the day we were happy, “I did not see anyone who reformed someone’s heart as you reformed Hani’s heart.” Diaman Bou Abboud misses you, love.”

Bou Abboud replied to her husband: “Oh, my life, my soul, and my heart, all love. You are the world. No, you are the one who fixed life and became the life and heartbeat. You are the joy and all the light. With your love and longing for the world, you are the gift of our Lord, Hani, the dearest and most precious love.”


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