Officially .. Russia protests the “political” shirt of the Ukrainian national team


contact Russian Federation football today tuesday European Football Association “UEFA” in order to condemn the new shirt of the Ukrainian team, which will be worn in the European Championship, which begins on Friday, because it has to draw the Crimea, and national emblems.

And last Sunday, the Ukrainian shirt for the European Championship was revealed, and a map of Ukraine appears on it, including the Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, which prompted many Russian parties to condemn the Ukrainian Federation’s resort to using the tournament for political ends, considering that this The move is not in line with the rules of “UEFA”.

“We draw attention to the use of slogans with a political background on the shirt of the Ukrainian national team, which is contrary to the basic principles of the UEFA regulations regarding sports equipment,” a statement from the Russian Federation read.

The statement added: “Football is a sport that should be kept away from politics, and by agreeing to such a uniform, UEFA sets a precedent, because in any next major tournament we will see other teams trying to use their uniforms in order to send political messages.”

Ukrainian Football Federation president Andriy Pavelko said the design was agreed with UEFA “long before” the official presentation of the shirt on Sunday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also welcomed the new jersey of the national team, which features “important symbols”, according to what he said on Instagram.

Although the European Union has always stressed the importance of staying out of politics, in a statement to AFP, UEFA said that “the Ukrainian jersey has been approved, in accordance with the applicable sports equipment regulations.”

Ukraine participates in the European Cup in Group C along with the Netherlands, North Macedonia and Austria, while Russia plays in Group B along with Belgium, Finland and Denmark.


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