Nisreen Tafesh flipped Instagram with her photos in the pool – watch


The Syrian actress raised Nisreen Tafesh The controversy by publishing a group of photos through her official and private account on the famous Instagram photo and short video exchange site.

Nisreen Tafesh raises controversy with a new photo on Instagram

Where the Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, published a set of photos taken from one of the elevated swimming pools in the Burj Dubai in the Arabian Gulf, and those photos sparked widespread controversy through social media platforms and followers on social media.

The Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, wrote a comment on the group of photos that she posted on Instagram, in which she said: When you feel healthy, advanced, energetic and alive, you attract a lot of these things to you.

The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, appeared in the photo while she was inside the water in one of the high pools in the Burj Dubai, looking towards the window.

It is worth noting that the Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, participated in the last Ramadan season 2021 in the series “Al-Maddah”, and the events of the series revolve around spirituality, supplications and songs, and it was starring Hamada Hilal.


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