Nisreen Tafesh and her white body: More Instagram.. Less drama


Although the images are normal, even faint in their dimensions, and the actress appears ghostly, so to speak, the imagination of some websites has criticized Tafesh because of the image… as if the ghost of something is stronger than the same thing, as the staring in the image inspired some of them with many interpretations and fantasies Internet pioneers described her as “bold” and crossed the “red lines” because it showed her as if she had given up the “mayo” or “without clothes”, which prompted some to ask in the comments box: “Is it right or isn’t she wearing it?” He wrote One of them: “And how is it possible for a person to license himself as the sand of likes? Is it worth it? Is it better for you than the heck, what did you do?” .. The images made the site administrators exaggerate the titles that attract readers, likes and shares… This is a reference to the crisis caused by the mania of resin. In the world of journalism and media in its various fields, and even in the performance of actors and stars…Nasreen Tafesh, who has changed a lot in her features during her residence in Dubai, and has become very interested in wearing abayas, has recently shown that she is preoccupied with her image or role in social media, more than any other drama series, and is very interested in publishing any detail about her body movements and clothes, in Swimming pools, gyms, malls, and even her home salon…


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