Nintendo gets fans of its game ‘Zelda’ excited


WASHINGTON – Nintendo has excited Zelda fans by unveiling some scenes of the new series on Tuesday on the last day of the big E3 video game show, but the Japanese video game giant has not revealed a new model of its console. “Switch”.
Although Nintendo had announced that its online presentation would be devoted exclusively to upcoming games, rumors were circulating that it might announce new hardware.
Hobbyists are especially looking forward to a new version with a stronger capacity and better quality in terms of graphics from the “Switch”, the console that was released by “Nintendo” more than four years ago and is characterized by the peculiarity that it can be used as a home or portable console.
However, the Japanese group was satisfied with the presentation, which lasted about 40 minutes, by presenting promotional clips for about twenty games.
One of the highlights of the group’s announcement is that the next part of the popular game “The Legend of Zelda: Breathe or the Wild” will be released in 2022, revealing some of his images, showing the hero Link floating in the sky of Hyrule Kingdom.
As for Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo will release in October a two-dimensional version of the adventures of Samus on the “Nintendo Switch” titled Metroid Dread.
The group also announced that Kazua from the Tekken universe will join the fighting game “Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate.”
The “Electronic Entertainment Expo”, which is usually held in Los Angeles and is popular with fans of virtual games, was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this year it is held exclusively online.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti promised Saturday that the 2022 edition of “E3” would be held in attendance.
At the opening of the exhibition, the French company Ubisoft revealed the first images of a new adventure game based on James Cameron’s science fiction movie “Avatar”, in addition to a new game released in 2022 for the “Nintendo Switch” console titled “Sparks of Hope”, which combines the character of “Avatar”. Mario and Rabbids.
As for Microsoft, the manufacturer of the Xbox, announced that the space adventure game “Starfield” created by the company “Betsida” will be released on November 11, 2022.
The group had announced a few days ago that it was working on a program that would allow Xbox gamers to play directly on a TV connected to the Internet without the need for a console, which is another step towards digitizing video games.
Video game sales in the United States hit a record high in 2020, reaching nearly $57 billion, according to a report by research firm NBD Group.


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