Newspaper headlines for Thursday, June 10, 2021


Building : Biden to Europe for a week that culminates in meeting Putin … and keeping pace with the development of the nuclear negotiations at their end / the government track and insisting on continuing efforts to resolve … and the Kaftoun crime before the judiciary / Hebron sources: the agreement was reached on the distribution of portfolios, and it remained to grant confidence and name the two ministers/

home: The government’s marathon in the wake of the petrol queues … Berri warned, “Beans become consumed by weight.”

home call: Whiteness discussions revolve in “vicious circles”
Iraqi “oil oil”: What does “fuel” say becomes in quantity?

Major General: Bassil did not get tired of the “disruption game” and the leaders of the “duo” are upset!
Protests at night against humiliation lines… and the Paris conference to support the army next Thursday الخميس

day: Maneuvers, no penetration, and suffocating crises escalate

Republic: Physics .. Physiology

the daily star: Political activity intensified to break govt impasse

the east by day: The plight of the Lebanese in the face of the shortage of medicines

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