News website: A Kuwaiti actor makes a fuss because of a kiss on the mouth


Khabarni – Kuwaiti actor and media figure, Abdullah Al-Talihi, has sparked widespread controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites, because he kissed his son on the mouth, which many considered undesirable behavior, and should not be photographed and published in public. Al-Tulahi was documenting a clip on “Snapchat” of his passing through the nursery of his two children, Shaheen and Elham, to return them to the house, stressing that the nursery has a major role in changing the child’s behavior and developing his abilities, praising the director of the nursery.

But what sparked the controversy was the appearance of Abdullah Al-Talihi, in the car, accompanied by his son, as he kissed him on his “mouth”, and commented: “What is this obedience … God willing.” The video was circulated among the pioneers of social networking sites, and accounts interested in celebrity news, as the followers denounced what “Al-Talihi” did, with his son, considering that this would affect his upbringing later, while some criticized him for filming.


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