News site: Fashionista reveals her real body after severe criticism


Khabarni – Marwa Ratib was subjected to a violent attack by one of the Emirati callers during an intervention with a television program, where the follow-up launched a sharp attack on a number of fashionistas and celebrities residing in the Emirates, including Marwa Ratib, who responded with a shocking look that sparked controversy and revealed the fact of the remarkable change that her body witnessed after sculpting operations.

In her intervention, the Emirati follow-up said, angry that many fascist women are tarnishing the reputation of the Emirates, saying: “Many fascist women have damaged our reputation, including the artist who did not succeed in acting and started using social media in advertisements and appeared with a hideous body and girls wanted to imitate her body, and she wore scandalous clothes, this is not what we wore and this is our life.”

The caller, who criticized Marwa Ratib’s body after plastic surgery, added: “This actress lives in the Emirates and stays all the time talking about the Emirates, and she replies, I am Emirati, and says, I am the nature of the Emirates. Instagram is everything. The caller concluded her speech with ferocity, saying: “We are modest and disguised, and she advises all girls to work their lips and work their bodies, even if we inform her that nothing will happen, but I want her to come out saying I am Syrian, never speaking in our name.”

Marwa Rateb responds to a caller who attacked her violently

Marwa Rateb did not ignore the matter, but came out in a video clip in which she responded to the caller who attacked her and accused her of trying to corrupt the daughters of the UAE and encourage them to appear with a body like hers.

Marwa Ratib said in a video clip shared by her followers via the Snapchat application: “Regarding the follow-up that was reported that I was the one who destroyed the girls because of the clinics, the clinics have been there for a year! Since Marwa’s hour, she started making advertisements, clinics are everywhere and everywhere, my love, and they are the largest and best clinics in the world.” Marwa Ratib added: “If these clinics were not good, they would not have opened more than them in more than one place. Open the records and see. Many clinics and many girls go. I do not have the right to tell them… I make offers with discounts like others.” Marwa Ratib concluded her speech by saying: “All people imagine advertisements for clinics, I swear to God, you do not know what to say, if you follow me, how do you know whether I say or do.”

Marwa Ratib’s response did not stop only at her direct response to the caller who accused her of corrupting the girls of the Emirates, but the artist Marwa Ratib appeared with a shocking and controversial look. It is full, but it looks natural, which sparked the controversy as to why it was full during the past periods. Marwa Ratib appeared with a narrow pocket that showed off her body, but it did not show the very full sides, which Marwa Ratib distinguished, which sparked the controversy over whether Marwa Ratib used shorts with full sides to appear in this way, or she underwent other cosmetic operations to get rid of the noticeable sides. Controversial, which always made her look strange.


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