News of the suicide of the homeless fugitive “Hoda Al-Omari” on the streets of London


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The life of the Saudi opposition, Huda Al-Omari, turned into homelessness in the streets of Britain after the enemies of the homeland who incited her to leave the kingdom in the name of freedom and defense of rights abandoned her.

And there were reports in the past hours that she committed suicide after her situation in London deteriorated and she became homeless, after those who incited her against the kingdom abandoned her, and prevented her from the support she was getting in return for her political positions hostile to the kingdom.

Al-Omari is one of the female citizens who have been deceived abroad and used against the Kingdom with slogans of freedom. A year ago, Al-Omari appeared in a video clip while sitting in a London street, confirming that she was homeless.

With the news of her suicide circulating, Twitter users launched a hashtag entitled “Huda Al-Omari’s suicide”, expressing their condemnation of her actions, stressing that she was a respected teacher and lived in her homeland, strengthened and honored, until mercenaries deceived her from the enemies of the country and deceived her under the pretext of freedom.

The tweeters added that the mercenaries used her against the kingdom, and after completing her, they threw her in the street, becoming homeless, and her life ended last week by suicide, calling on the sons and daughters of the kingdom to belong to their homeland and not allow hostile elements abroad to exploit them.

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