News 24 | The “Health” agent reveals a strange paradox regarding the “Corona” vaccines in America


Lawyer "the health" Reveals a strange paradox about vaccines "Corona" in America The Assistant Undersecretary of Health for Preventive Health Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, revealed a strange paradox of its kind regarding receiving anti-Corona vaccines in the United States of America.

Asiri explained that in America, where vaccine opponents are more active than anywhere, 175 million people have received at least one dose of Corona vaccines.

He pointed out that this means that two-thirds of adults, including 87% of the elderly, and 74% of those who have reached the age of forty و .كثرon antiviral vaccines.

He noted that the enormous psychological pressure that the pandemic has created on people needs to me A vent, noting that describing daily developments as terrifying, frightening and disturbing is not helpful.

Lawyer "the health" Reveals a strange paradox about vaccines "Corona" in America


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