News 24 | “Early retirement” leads the trend after a statement that the insurance fund’s funds were drained, amid diverging opinions


General Organization for Social InsuranceThe “Early Retirement” hashtag topped the Saudi trend on the social networking site “Twitter”, after the statement of the Assistant Governor for Insurance Affairs at the General Organization for Social Insurance, Nader Al-Wahaibi, in which he said that early retirement has become a major drain on the insurance fund’s money.

The tag received a great interaction from the tweets, as its tweets amounted to more than 65 thousand, with the emergence of another tag on the same topic under the name early retirement He took second place with 24 thousand tweets.

Al-Wahaibi was subjected to a major attack in the two brands, as many considered his speech provocative by saying that the employee who retires at the age of 48 and receives a pension of 77 years drains the Foundation’s funds, while others considered what he said was true and realistic.

Prince Dr. Khaled Al Saud commented on Al-Wahaibi’s speech by saying: “I wish he had been silent … and I will not increase.” The journalist Abdullah Al-Deeb suggested solving the insurance problem by raising the contributions of those with high salaries. It saves more resources.”

The journalist Sultan Al-Daghmi demanded the Insurance Department to acknowledge that the problem of the sources is because of them, adding: “A statement that did not respect the employees who served the country.. It is not a shame to admit that the defect is due to your policy.” Writer Sami Al-Qurashi explained that the retirees are horses that the state has staked on them to race towards the future, adding: “And this is surprising that they do not die and he wants to call them a mercy bullet.”

Others asserted that the attack on him is unfair and that what he mentioned is true, justifying their talk that the gap will occur when the deductions become insufficient to cover the pensions of retirees, in addition to the decline in the number of subscribers relative to retirees.


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