News 24 | Clarification from “Civil Aviation” about the quarantine of domestic workers


 General Authority of Civil AviationThe General Authority of Civil Aviation confirmed that its recent circulars to air carriers obligate the application of institutional quarantine procedures to those coming from (non-vaccinated) domestic workers.

She explained that domestic workers accompanying a (vaccinated) resident are excluded from this, provided that a 7-day home quarantine is applied to those who are not immunized, and that a PCR examination is conducted at the end of the quarantine period starting from the sixth day, with the application of precautionary measures determined by the Ministry of Health.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation announced Updating the institutional/home quarantine mechanisms and procedures for those coming to the KingdomAnd she explained that the institutional quarantine will be applied to all those coming from outside the Kingdom at their expense, with the exception of several categories of quarantine, most notably the citizen, the female citizen, the citizen’s wife and mother, the female citizen’s husband and mother, the sons and daughters of the female citizen and the accompanying domestic workers, provided that the home quarantine is applied to them for 7 days and a procedure PCR examination on the sixth day.


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