News 24 | A patient suffers burns to her hand in a Jazan hospital.. And the administration: “File a complaint to the health”


A patient has burns on her handA female citizen complained about the failure of the air conditioner at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan two weeks ago, and the sudden appearance of burns on one of her hands.

Warda Muhammad, the patient’s daughter, said,News 24“, that her mother was admitted two weeks ago to the isolation department due to lack of oxygen and was given an injection of the “nutritious” solution, and she became in good health, and after a short time her condition became unstable, and she was unable to move, and she told the nurses, but to no avail, because of their improper treatment.

She indicated that the doctor decided to give her mother a breathing tube, but she refused for fear of losing her, because she lost her father, who died last month in the same hospital, but the doctor insisted, and she was given the tube and transferred to intensive care.

She added that last (Thursday) her mother became on artificial respiration and the visit was prevented from her, and after insisting for two days, she entered her, and was surprised by the presence of burns on her right hand and it was covered with a heavy blanket, and in a room that did not have air conditioning, which prompted her to buy an air conditioner for her mother to reduce the temperature. In the intensive care unit sleeping in it.

She added that today (Thursday), her mother was given dialysis without telling them, and after asking why we have no knowledge, the doctor’s response was that the patient is in a very critical condition and her vital signs are low, which requires urgent intervention.

She explained that she asked the hospital administration about the cause of the burning of her mother’s right hand and about the sudden dialysis procedure, and their response was: “File a complaint to the Ministry of Health.”

It is worth noting that Jazan health spokesman, Muhammad Darraj, said that the reason for the air conditioning failure was the ongoing work to develop and improve the hospital’s air conditioning system, which has been working on for more than a week, adding that the project will be completed within the next few weeks.

A patient has burns on her hand


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