New York suspends Trump’s lawyer


New York State on Thursday suspended Rudolph Giuliani from practicing law, months after the former New York mayor fought to overturn the results of the presidential election on behalf of former US President Donald Trump.

The Appeals Division Judges Committee, which made the decision, declared Giuliani unfit to continue practicing law after he “reported the courts, legislators, and the public at large to manifestly false and misleading statements as counsel to Trump and his campaign regarding the former US president’s failed re-election efforts in 2020”.

The Panel issued a 33-page opinion on the matter.

The court’s disciplinary committee, which filed complaints against Giuliani and oversaw the case’s arguments, stated that his behavior “immediately threatens the public interest and warrants the temporary suspension of the practice of law.”

Retired judges John Leventhal and Barry Cummins defended Giuliani.

They said in a statement, “This is unprecedented, and we believe that our client does not currently pose a threat to the public interest,” and expressed their belief that Giuliani’s license to practice law will be returned once the truth is discovered.

Giuliani is facing an investigation by the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, the office he once led. Investigators are seeking to determine whether he failed to register as a foreign agent in his dealings with Ukraine in recent years.


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