New video..Mohamed Ramadan hits people in the streets


The name of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, topped the talk of followers and activists on social media in Egypt, especially after the Commercial International Bank’s decision to seize his money.While Ramadan came out with a video through his accounts to brag about him that he stores money in his home, the media Amr Adib launched a scathing attack against the Egyptian artist, considering that the latter encourages people not to deal with banks and put their money in them.

In addition, the Commercial International Bank denied the seizure of Mohamed Ramadan’s money, at a time when banking sources revealed to Egyptian media, that the decision was nothing but a reservation related to the judicial ruling issued in favor of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, which was ruled by an Appeals Economic Court, on April 7. By obligating the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to pay 6 million pounds in compensation for the damages he sustained as a result of the “plane image crisis.”Video.. hit and challenge

Recently, Muhammad Ramadan posted a video in which many saw a response and a challenge to the people who mocked him after seizing his money in the Commercial International Bank.

The video, which Ramadan published through his account on “Instagram”, included clips and scenes from his work, in which he shows his assault by beating and slapping in the face for those standing in front of him, in a clear projection of his attackers.

Ramadan chose the song “Sabeet fi Makani” for this challenge, and it is the song that he will present within days.


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