New symptoms of Covid-19 and a “surprising fact”


Hundreds of thousands of Americans have sought medical care for health problems after contracting COVID-19 that were not diagnosed before contracting the coronavirus, a new study has revealed.

The study, the largest of its kind to date in the field of long-term symptoms in patients with Covid-19, tracked the health insurance records of nearly two million people in the United States who contracted the Corona virus last year. She noted that after a month or more of contracting the disease, nearly a quarter (23 percent) had sought medical treatment for new symptoms..

Those affected include all age groups, including children, according to the New York Times, citing the study.

The most common new health problems were pain involving nerves and muscles, breathing difficulties, high cholesterol, malaise, fatigue and high blood pressure..

The study documented other conditions, including gastrointestinal symptoms, migraines, skin problems, heart abnormalities, sleep disturbances, and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression..

The study found that post-Covid health problems were common even among people who did not contract the disease after contracting the infection. While nearly half of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had subsequent medical problems, the same was experienced by 27 percent of people who experienced mild or moderate symptoms and 19 percent of people who said they had no symptoms..

. said Robin Gilboard, president “FAIR Health”The non-profit organization that oversaw the study said, “The most remarkable thing that surprised us was the proportion of asymptomatic patients among people with long-term COVID-19.“.

More than half of the study subjects (1,959,982 patients) reported no symptoms of COVID-19 infection. 40% experienced symptoms, but they did not require hospitalization, of whom 1% had the only symptoms, loss of taste or smell, and only 5% were transferred to hospital..

Gilboard said the fact that asymptomatic people may have post-Covid symptoms is an important thing to stress, so that patients and doctors can know to consider the possibility that some health problems may in fact be after effects of the coronavirus.“.

“There are some people who may not even know they have Covid, but if they continue to present some of these unusual cases in their health history, it may be worth further investigations by their specialist physician,” she added.“.

The report, which will soon be published publicly on the organization’s website, analyzed the records of people diagnosed with COVID-19, between February and December 2020, and tracked them through February 2021..


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