New developments in the case of Prince “Nawaf bin Saad” with “Sami Al-Jaber” reach the police


Al-Marsad newspaper: Press reports revealed the latest developments in the case of the former club president against his former club player.

Al-Riyadia newspaper said, according to its sources: The Criminal Court refers the case to the enforcement agency (the police) to summon the defendant, and oblige him to implement: an official apology in the name of the plaintiff, confirming it in his account, and a fine.

She added, that the ruling came after it was proven to the court that what the defendant had mentioned about the lost money case was incorrect and considered a distortion of the reputation of the administration that preceded it.

It is noteworthy that Prince Nawaf bin Saad revealed earlier that the reasons for the dispute with Sami Al-Jaber were his accusation during his tenure as Al-Hilal club of not checking 170 million riyals from the club’s coffers.

He added that the story of the 170 million is a denigration of our reputation, and there is no basis for that, and the issue is still being seen so far, and the stand of the Crescent fans is sufficient for me.


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