New details reveal how to monitor the terrorist, the martyr Hadi Al-Qahtani


Riyadh (echo):

Sources clarified new details about the martyrdom of the first soldier Hadi bin Misfir Al-Qahtani, indicating that the killer, Walid Sami Al-Zuhairi, monitored the martyr several times before carrying out his crime inside a mosque attached to a gas station in the Al-Manar neighborhood, east of Jeddah, as the martyr used to perform the dawn prayer while performing his work in the neighborhood.

The sources added that the culprit took advantage of the martyr’s presence alone inside the chapel, and surprised him while he was sitting in the tashahhud by paying several stabs, which led to his death, and then fled, believing that he would survive his heinous act.

Minutes later, the security patrols noticed that the security vehicle was not moving, which necessitated directing a support squad to clarify the situation, so that it became clear that the first soldier, Hadi bin Misfir Al-Qahtani, was martyred. The security teams declared a state of alert in search of the killer, so that his identity was revealed in less than 48 hours.

It is worth noting that the death sentence was carried out yesterday (Wednesday) in the Jeddah governorate.


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