New details about the latest attack in Iran… a march carried out by an important factory!


The American newspaper, “The New York Times” revealed new details about the attack on one of the facilities of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, yesterday, Wednesday, which Tehran claimed it had thwarted.

The Iranian Atomic Energy Agency had announced that an attack on one of its facilities had been thwarted, stressing that no damages or injuries were recorded at the site, but it did not specify the nature or name of this site, nor did it provide any other important details.According to what was reported by Al-Arabiya, there was a new story this Thursday afternoon in regards to this attack, after a source familiar with the incident, as well as a senior intelligence official, revealed additional details to the American newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the two sources indicated today, Thursday, that the targeted building is located near the city of Karaj, on the outskirts of the capital, Tehran, and was one of the main manufacturing centers in the country, for the production of centrifuges used in two nuclear facilities in the country, namely “Fordo” and “Natanz”. .The information also revealed that the attack was carried out by a small, quadruple-propellant drone, which took off from inside the country, and affected one of the main manufacturing centers in the city of Karaj, which was tasked with producing alternative centrifuges for hundreds and perhaps more instead of those that were disrupted in a previous attack that targeted the Natanz facility last April. .

The report indicates that this plant also produces more advanced and modern centrifuges, enabling the relevant authorities to enrich more uranium in a shorter time than usual.While no one has claimed or claimed responsibility for the attack, the intelligence official revealed that the plant, known as the Centrifugal Technology Company of Iran, or “TESA”, was on the list of targets that Israel presented to the administration of former US President Donald Trump early in the year. the past.

He also added that among the goals presented to the previous US administration at the beginning of the year 2020, the uranium enrichment site in “Natanz” (which was targeted in April 2020) and the assassination of nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh (who was assassinated later last November 2020).


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