New data summons Nancy Ajram for interrogation of the murder in her home


  Ajram will be questioned tomorrow (Nancy Ajram's media office)</p><div><p>The singer will undergo <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Nancy Ajram</a>Tomorrow, Tuesday, for an interrogation session on the background of the killing of the Syrian youth <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Mohammed Moosa</a> At the beginning of 2020, at her home in the Ballouneh area (north of Beirut), Lebanese lawyer Ashraf al-Moussawi told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

Al-Moussawi, a former lawyer for the victim’s family, pointed out that a decision was taken by the accusatory panel in Mount Lebanon, headed by Judge Amira Shahrour, that Ajram must attend the interrogation based on new data received by the court. However, it is unlikely that the session will take place tomorrow due to the Lebanese lawyers’ strike, which has been going on for nearly two weeks, and to stop attending sessions at the request of the Beirut Bar Council.

A few days ago, the investigator and expert forensic evidence in Texas, Hala Ould Rob, re-shed light on the crime, after she stated in a press interview that “the murder of Al-Mousa in the Lebanese artist’s villa last year was a premeditated murder,” stressing that what Fadi Al-Hashem did was “a crime premeditated murder,” and that “behind this crime are other crimes.”

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She said that for the first time, Hashem’s wife, artist Nancy Ajram, will be summoned before the court to find out the whole truth. She also hinted at the possibility of Muhammad Al-Mousa’s possession of documents confirming Hashem’s involvement in thorny cases that seem to have put an end to the end of the Syrian youth.


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