Never neglect it.. These symptoms indicate a deficiency of a very important element for the body


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Iron plays a major role in providing strength to the immune system in the human body, thus helping the body to fight off many diseases and infections.

Red blood cells work to deliver oxygen to the damaged tissues, and in order to complete the healing process from the disease, they need oxygen and will not get it without getting iron.

Many people suffer from extreme fatigue, headache, dizziness, cold feet, or pale skin, and this usually occurs due to a lack of iron in the body, so you can include the best iron-rich foods in your diet to fight iron deficiency, including:

1. Tuna.

A 100-gram serving of tuna fish contains about 1.25 mg of iron, making it one of the best types of iron-rich fish. Iron levels can vary depending on the type of tuna, and also how it is consumed (raw or cooked), and cooked tuna gives about 1.31 mg of iron. Iron, which accounts for about 9 percent of the RDA, and tuna also provides good amounts of protein, niacin, sodium and vitamin B12.

2. Spinach.

Spinach is one of the best derivative foods that contain high levels of iron. 100 grams of cooked spinach provides 3.6 mg of iron, which represents about 20 percent of the daily value. Raw spinach contains about 2.7 mg of iron, which is about 15 percent of the daily value. Spinach is not only an iron-rich vegetable but also a good source of other nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K, folic acid, manganese, etc.

3. Broccoli.

Broccoli is one of the best iron-rich foods. 100 grams of raw broccoli provides about 0.7 mg of iron, which meets 3 percent of the daily value. In addition, this vegetable contains high amounts of vitamin C, which helps in the faster absorption of iron, to Besides treating iron deficiency, vegetables also provide many other nutrients like vitamin A, sodium, potassium, dietary fiber, etc., to improve overall health.

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