Netflix will show the Saudi animation series Masamer soon


“Netflix” announced the presentation of the first episodes of the Saudi animation series “Mismar Governorate” on July 1, 2021.This season comes as a result of the strenuous efforts of the team, starting with showing the first episodes of the series on YouTube on November 13, 2021, then showing it simultaneously on Saudi TV and YouTube in late 2013, to establishing an animation studio to create artworks according to a partnership. Exclusive with one of the largest display networks in the world for five years to produce Saudi series and films in the year 2020.

From the beginning of his appearance, “Masmar” was famous for discussing social issues in the Kingdom in a purely comic format, and with characters borrowed from society, which made the series popular since the beginning of its presentation on “YouTube”, which provided the opportunity to display content without fees, and the owner of the channel earned many viewers, which is a good return for the artwork.

The organizers of the upcoming series promise the audience an exceptional season different from the previous seasons. In this season, it presents a humorous look at the changes that have occurred in Saudi Arabia, and will discuss several different topics such as “health obsession out of control,” and “a long-term dispute between two tribes,” and A global media war.

Abdelaziz Al-Muzaini, CEO and co-founder of “Maercoat”, stated that this season will be exceptional, in form and content, and confirmed, in one of his meetings with a network for the production of podcasts, that his artistic career in animation began in the late 1990s, and that his drawings were published in a number of magazines. And newspapers, including Al-Watan newspaper.


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