Nawal Al Zoghbi: I am thinking of entering the acting field


The Lebanese star, Nawal Al Zoghbi, confirmed that she is thinking of entering the field of acting through a series or movie that suits her and she likes his idea, explaining that in the past she did not like the idea of ​​acting, but with the power of drama now she is thinking about it.

Nawal Al-Zoghbi explained in a television interview that she decided to resign from the Lebanese Artists Syndicate after the Artists Syndicate issued a decision not to talk about the political issues of the country, stressing that the artist has the right to express his opinion and be a voice for his fans and not affiliated with anyone.

Nawal stressed that the era of the full album consisting of 10 and 15 songs has ended and has become a burning of the artist’s effort because we are in the era of speed, pointing out that she has directed to issue a “mini album” to give each song its right. Nawal Al-Zoghbi said that she does not care about the size of views on social networking sites such as “YouTube” because she is surprised that there are songs that have imaginary views, and despite that, they do not resonate with reality, so what matters to her is the interaction of the real audience with her at parties and events and their preservation of her songs.

She added that social networking sites are a wide and important market to promote the artist, explaining that she does not have a team on her pages, but she enjoys publishing all her news and photos herself. Nawal Al Zoghbi indicated that she is preparing to release a new “mini album” consisting of 4 songs, “2 Egyptian, one Lebanese and one Gulf.”​


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