NASA announces the discovery of a strange planet


The American space agency “NASA” announced the discovery of a planet it described as “strange”, which sparked the interest of scientists searching for extraterrestrial life.

And the British newspaper, The Independent, reported that researchers from a NASA laboratory and the University of New Mexico discovered an exoplanet called TOI-1231 b orbiting a dwarf star known as a red dwarf.

Scientists reported that the newly discovered planet is the size of the planet Neptune, and it revolves around its star every 24 days, as it is eight times closer to its star than the distance between the Earth and the sun, but its temperature is very close to the temperature of the Earth, due to the weak strength of the red dwarf star. around which the planet revolves.

The scientists found that the planet’s atmosphere is about 330 K, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that the planet TOI-1231b is one of the most amazing small exoplanets whose atmosphere can be studied so far. planet surface.

“Future observations of this new planet will allow us to determine the extent to which water clouds can form around it,” said Jennifer Burt, a NASA researcher and assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico. He added that further study will be necessary to understand precisely how those clouds form.

Earlier, the US space agency “NASA” announced the implementation of a new mission for the first time in more than 30 years, to one of the most famous planets in our solar system, after indications confirming the existence of life on its surface.

The US space agency has unveiled two new missions worth $500 million, which are expected to be launched within the next 10 years to Earth’s neighbor.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, we will launch NASA missions to Venus, which scientists describe as the “evil twin of Earth”, for the first time in more than 30 years.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the two missions, “DAVINCI+” and “VERITAS”, will head to the planet known as Earth’s “evil twin” as part of its discovery program.

And “NASA” announced in a statement, that these exploratory missions aim to provide information to understand how Venus became a hell-like world despite the presence of many other characteristics similar to our world (Planet Earth), and perhaps it was the first habitable world in the solar system, complete with an ocean and climate. Earth-like.



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