Nancy Ajram is looking forward to her followers about your only problem – in the video


The Lebanese actress got excitedNancy AjramFollowers of her song “Your Only Problem.
Nancy published a short promotional video clip of the song’s clip, in which she appeared on the beach at sunset and sang: “I am your only problem,” so her page was ablaze with the comments, the majority of which came, noting that her followers could hardly wait to hear the full song next Friday, when it was released.
Your only problem is that Nancy will release it as the second song of her new album, and it is from the words of the poet Ali Al-Mawla, who will deal with Ajram for the first time, as for distribution to the distributor in the name of Rizk.
On the other hand, the song “Your Love is Strong” is still at the top of the music apps and has exceeded 5 million views on YouTube.


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