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Cinema Akil in Dubai was the second stop of the movie “Between Heaven and Earth” by Palestinian director Najwa Najjar, in his Arab tour, after it was shown in Cairo for more than a month. Director Najjar told “Emirates Today” that “the idea of ​​the film started in Haifa, where someone was telling me that his son was unable to travel for a special mission to Icrete, which we could not reach via Google Maps, and after we got there. We found young men and women from the guards of Ecrete who told us the story of the area, a Christian village that was destroyed in 1948, and here the idea began to crystallize about how the villages are sometimes divorced from each other and we do not know much about it.” Najjar pointed out that not only in Palestine, but throughout the Arab world, people live in a state of divorce, and here I put in the film other stories, including the story of people who were martyred in wars, in addition to the story of owners living in Nazareth and the life they lived, in addition to the love story that entered into The course of the film’s events, and its tendency to divorce, as the film presents the Palestinian cause in a way that affects the Arab world as a whole.

The entrance to the issues that Najwa raises in the film stems from love, and she points out that she wanted to present the story in a simple way, indicating that divorce cases are often raised in the cinema through big problems such as violence, addiction or betrayal, and for this she wanted to present in the film love under The occupation, to highlight it in the couple’s road trip, which is a journey to the past and the transition to the present, noting that in the simplicity of love stories sometimes there are simple problems that cause the ruin of the relationship, and there are some things that prevent them from continuing despite love, and stressed that love is a language that does not change with time, Motherhood remains the same, love and the love of the land, love is a constant language through time. Najjar starts preparing for any movie through writing, explaining that her writing comes out of love and belief in what she writes, then she begins a journey of deep search for the areas she writes about. All the details that she experienced in writing the movie build a journey from the chronology and events, which is the journey of any movie. To get credibility. Najjar insists on presenting the feature film, and points out that “fiction films suffer from a lack of funding, and directors usually rely on funds that support their production,” considering that these funds are important, as they build relationships for the director, pointing to the importance of the director not presenting the story that he believes that the party The one who finances the film wants to tell it. Rather, he must write what he is convinced of, emphasizing that writing is not easy, but rather a difficult task, and it must be properly woven, so it should not be simplified even if it carries what is commercial. Najjar considered that funding can set limits for the director, noting that she refuses anyone to interfere with what she wants to write or present, but this makes the way more difficult, stressing that the message deserves the director facing difficulties, and that the director who accepts the financing policy to tell a story Certainly, this does not mean that he sells himself or his ideas, but sometimes the director takes the funding in order to present his film to the world. The director always falls between what he wants to present to the audience and between performances and access to the world, and this is not wrong. Najjar stressed that films that raise issues in Palestine, Iraq and the Arab world must be presented, but that they must be presented in a way that attracts the audience and not only in the manner of festivals.

Regarding cinemas and their approach to feature films, Najjar said: “Sometimes cinemas do not address the audience intelligently, so they put light stories, including love stories and music, but in fact, the integration is important, because the audience is really smart. A negative name has been given to narrative films in general, including that A difficult film or a festival film, and it is not true that the audience does not want what is serious, so cinemas must accept and market feature films like other films because the audience is smart.” She considered that the feature film needs to be presented at the festivals first and for a year at the festival to get a distinct start, especially through contact with the audience, and then shown in cinemas, noting that “festivals are important because they secure friction between filmmakers from different parts of the Arab world.” The conversations created by festivals are categorized under the film industry, and then films can be shown on television.

And if the writing is separated from the directing by a carpenter, he pointed out that she writes the way you want to see the film on the screen. The imagination in writing works to see the direction and sometimes it falls into the trap of writing with a simple budget because it knows the budget before the start of filming, and this determines the imagination, stressing That writing and directing are intertwined with her, and she does not know how to write for someone else or how to produce another writing.


Najwa Najjar received many awards in the field of directing and writing, and about her view of the awards, she said: “Sometimes I hate awards because presenting a film is difficult and not easy at all, and I know how difficult it is to produce and present a film, and sometimes the award is like an appreciation for something superior to what others have presented, but In the end, it is an objective thing and it does not mean anything against the rest of the films, but sometimes only indicates a certain feature in a film.” As for the award closest to Najjar’s heart, it is the Naguib Mahfouz Award for Best Screenplay awarded by the Cairo Festival, considering that it is one of the awards that pleased her the most due to its importance because the film begins with the script and that the committee understood what it wanted to present, this was very important for it.

• Divorce occurs even between villages when we do not know much about them.

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