Najwa Karam ignites the atmosphere in her concert in Saudi Arabia again!


The sun of the Lebanese song Najwa Karam performed a huge successful concert in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where she received a high-level reception from the General Authority for Entertainment.

First, Najwa Karam opened her party with a welcoming speech, in which he said, “My joy did not come to me and I can’t believe that I come back after every night that has happened on the globe. I stand on the stage and sing in front of such a loving audience.” .

Her concert began with the song “God Take Your Hand, O Saudi”, which she had previously given to her Saudi audience two years ago, after which she sang a bouquet of her great archive and varied between the old and the new, the medley and the mawwal. “Najwa Karam in Riyadh” is the trend in Lebanon, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Libya, and she also received many bouquets of roses from her fans in Saudi Arabia, and a distinctive bouquet of media in the form of a sun in relation to her title.


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