Najwa Fouad, from an employee in the office of a party host to a famous dancer, and the secret is colic with Carioca


Luck and chance often play their role in a person’s life, sometimes he escapes death or achieves success and his fate changes due to a coincidence or a stroke of luck, when fate decides for him another fate. Success, fame and stardom.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakib magazine, issued in 1961, the magazine published a number of situations and events that happened to the stars of the beautiful time, with which their destinies changed, whether by pushing them to the path of art, glory and fame, or saving them from certain death.

Al-Kawakeb mentioned that among the stars who were pushed by luck and chance to the path of art and stardom is the great artist Najwa Fouad, who never thought of being a famous dancer who robs the minds of the audience when she dances on the stage.

Al-Kawakeb indicated that Najwa Fouad was working as an employee in the office of a party contractor, and one day this contractor organized a party for one of the organizations, and among the stars of this party was the great artist Tahia Karioka, who was going to perform a dance at the party, but she apologized an hour before the ceremony, as she suffered from kidney colic sudden.

The contractor was confused in the face of this sudden situation, so how could he come up with a dancer in such a short time to replace Carioca, and he was surprised during his confusion by the employee Najwa Fouad, offering him to solve this predicament, and that she dance instead of greeting Carioca, and the contractor did not find a solution except what was suggested by his slender employee, That is why he agreed to this adventure, like a drowning man who hangs on to a straw.

The party announcer announced a surprise by the appearance of a new dancer and said in her right words that attracted the audience’s attention and made him eager to see this dancer. Najwa Fouad restrained herself and gathered her courage and went up to the stage for the first time and danced and the audience got excited and applauded a lot. With his applause, her courage and creativity in dancing increased, and on the next day the newspapers were published To talk about the birth of a new star in oriental dance and opened the doors of fame and glory for her to change her fate by this coincidence, which made Carioca apologize for this party.


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