Najati Shashmaz’s ex-wife, a dangerous video of him leaked! .. Does he consider himself the Awaited Mahdi? – Norte newspaper


Turkish actor Necati Şaşmaz Who was known to the Arab world from the series “Valley of the Wolves” as a character Murad Alamdar It is the most common name in the Turkish artistic community after a high-caliber scandal that his ex-wife, Nejhan Keshikci, had leaked to the press.

The actor’s ex-wife confirmed that the father of her son Najati had always considered himself to be The awaited MahdiAnd she proved her words in a video that she attached to the divorce and custody application documents she filed against him some time ago.

Najhan added that the Turkish actor considers their eight-year-old son to be the next leader of his sect, and the elders call the child “big brother” and rush to kiss his hand in a scene that she described as terrifying.

It is noteworthy that the current period is one of the most difficult days for the Turkish actor, as he faced a sentence of up to 12 years in prison after being accused of spying on his wife’s phone and obtaining audio recordings of her without her knowledge. Returning to the divorce case, which began a good while ago, its reasons were not specifically addressed, and it was said behind the scenes that the Turkish actor accused his wife of treason and requested financial compensation of 10 million Turkish liras.


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