Nahed El Sebaei reveals her health condition after she almost fell victim to a medical error.. in the picture


The Egyptian actress participatedNahed El Sebaei​The public has a picture of a hospital on its social media page, which raised the concern of followers and some of her colleagues about her health condition. Nahid attached the photo to a letter in which she reassured the public about her health condition, and revealed what she was exposed to in a hospital, and wrote: “A hospital at the highest level of skill, efficiency, experience and conscience…. About a week ago, I was very tired, severe pain similar to the pain of the explosion of Zayda. And in the gallbladder, I went to the nearest hospital. They examined me and treated me. They gave me the wrong solutions and medicines, and they took me home. I preferred tired and overheated. I feel that you are still hungry and tired, and no one knows what you have. I went to Dr. Samir George, an internal medicine doctor. You immediately sent me to Al-Salam Hospital for Dr. Maher Willem, a surgeon. Although he is a surgeon, he does not prefer surgery and makes it the last thing after making all the attempts. As for the nursing staff, they are at the highest level of competence and experience. Thank you, Dr. Internal Medicine, Samir George, the best internal medicine doctor in Egypt, thanks to God the Healer. Please, I am better now, praise be to God. Much “.


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