Nahas: We are all accomplices in crime


MP Nicolas Nahas said that “buying gasoline and fuel from people’s money will not continue, and he refused to use the word lifting subsidies on gasoline, considering that the subsidy is from state funds. But what is happening today is that the payment is made from depositors’ money, and this is called distributing these funds, and this cannot be estimated.” It suffices and stops inevitable.”Nahas stressed, within the “Lebanese Scene” program, via “Al-Hurra” channel, that “Lebanon is experiencing the greatest tragedy in its history, describing what the Lebanese are exposed to today as political terrorism, because the citizen is taken hostage to reach special goals in political quota issues, and this is terrorism.”

Regarding the economic and financial crisis that Lebanon is experiencing, Nahas said: “We are all accomplices in crime. There are 30 to 40 billion dollars that went to support the lira, 15 billion negative benefits, and 15 billion dollars for the state.”

He added, “This is how the money went, it was spent collectively, all the political class, all the banking class, all the people benefited from the benefits, so we are all accomplices in the crime.”

In a related context, Nahas considered that “in the event that the remaining 15 billion is spent in the Central Bank, the exchange rate will go away, which means that Lebanon is finished.”


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