Nadia El-Gendy responds to critics of her films, describing them as ineffective


Followers of the Aswan Film Festival for Women, held during the current period, were surprised by the release of Nadia El-Gendy’s films from the list of the 100 best films about women in Egyptian and Arab cinema. Film, he said, “is not impressive.”

In the first comment of the artist, Nadia El-Gendy, on this matter, she said: “My films are not influential, how is it that they broke the world for 40 years.”She explained that she does not follow the activities of the Aswan Festival, stressing that she was honored by the largest festivals, such as the Cairo Film Festival, the Luxor Film Festival and the Film Society Festival, which contains the names of major critics.

And she added, “I have a place full of honorary prizes, and I have done great works if I don’t work for all of the coming years. My history will witness me for years ahead. I don’t need anyone to evaluate me or condemn me for prizes.”

And critic Nahid Salah had said in her speech at the conference that not choosing Nadia El-Gendy was due to the “mood” of critics and their choices and not a personal position, as they might see her films as reactionary.She added that the Egyptian actress may be an important artist, but her films are not influential.


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