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Two young Omani sisters, Nadia and Lubna Zakwani, who found a place in Dubai to put their fashion dreams into practice, see that the beaches and shells of Muscat, and the apricot blossoms of Wakan, were behind the spirit and inspiration of the latest collection of the Omani fashion label “Inclusion”.

The two sisters, who started with an academic background in the world of fashion design from ESMOD Dubai, had a very elegant brand that was friendly to elegant simplicity, which are the features that the house has not gone out of since 2010, and with a lot of romance and fluidity, and subtle touches of luxury that are very simple, the brand succeeded in To present a very special and original line that carries many stories, but in their different, non-repetitive version, which are the qualities that they carried with all the beauty of their last collection for the summer of 2021.

Shells and flowers

Lubna Zakwani told “Emirates Today”: “The details of this group were inspired by the beaches of Muscat and the charming apricot blossoms in the town of Wakan. The group is also inspired by detailed touches from the beauty and attractiveness of coral reefs and shells on the beautiful Omani beaches, and the harmony of apricot flowers with the picturesque nature of Oman. »», in an attempt to combine the greenness and fertile Oman, and the azure charm of its beaches.

The collection is characterized by its extreme luxury, whether in the cuts, or the luxurious materials, as well as the lightness and free flow, and the smart reliance on the cuts that reflect the curves of the body and its femininity that emerge with the movement and the dynamism of the bends, in addition to the focus on the high-end touches of fun and subtle embroideries that reflect the inspiration of the collection, decorated The materials, the sleeves, and various parts of the pieces with shiny embroidery in the form of shells and coral decorate the Omani beaches, in addition to the beautiful peach flowers, which were also decorated with golden and silver threads on various parts of the dresses and kaftans.

Festive colors

Although the colors of the group did not come out of calm pastel tones, but at the same time they gave a festive impression, and Zakwani added that they chose for this group an “elegant color palette, with the addition of some vibrant and bold colors that fit the nature of the season, where we chose white and shades of white. apricot pink, grassy green, light yellow, attractive navy and mustard yellow.”

flowing materials

Perhaps the flowing feminine cuts most distinguished the group, which was carried out cleverly and a study of the nature of the woman’s body, its movement and its ability to add to the design, not only to hide under it, and hence the intelligence in choosing materials that reinforce this idea, with a focus on soft, easy-to-form fabrics. And the ripple, whether of cotton, linen silk, or light silk, with simple additions of shiny “taffeta” fabric, which was added in parts of the designs, adding an extra touch of luxury.

Creativity in the time of “Corona”

The “pandemic”, which now extends for the second year, and its repercussions have been able to affect various projects and institutions, and the creative sector, especially in the field of fashion, may be the most affected, and Zakwani believes that “like most other brands, there is no doubt that this period was and still is difficult.” This is the second year that we are facing some challenges, but we learned from the past year to adapt and meet the needs and requirements of our customers according to the new changes,” she said, noting that “the brand’s reputation, and the clients’ loyalty to the house, had a significant impact in saving the brand.” She added, “We are proud and proud of our customers who are keen on acquiring our pieces, because they see in them a practical investment that will last for many years, and we are also proud of our special editions and our distinguished collections with doubt details and seasonal embroidery.”

Zakwani indicated that the “pandemic” was able to change many concepts in the field of business, and change many strategies and plans, saying: “We always try to be honest with ourselves, and therefore we adhere to the concept of the brand and what we offer to modern and conservative women, and we like to see it distinctive, confident and radiant. With our designs”, which made them, according to Zakwani, launch during this period a new line under the title (Endemage Basics), which she described as “containing a practical and varied assortment of comfortable and elegant pieces, with embroidered details that our customers love, at an affordable price.”

• With a lot of romance and subtle touches of luxury, the brand has succeeded in presenting a very special and original line.

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