Nabila Obaid celebrates the “golden residence” and compliments Muhammad Ramadan, my lady


announced Nabila Obeid, about granting her the golden residency from the United Arab Emirates, and by chance, her celebration came in the presence of the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, who described her as his favorite star, and Nabila responded to the courtesy, with a message in which she affirmed her respect and appreciation for his talent and taste.

Nabila Obeid
A photo of Nabila Obaid from her Instagram account


Bella Obaid posted on her Instagram account a picture of her, and thanked the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, saying: Thank you from the heart to the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for his kindness to the grant of golden residency in the United Arab Emirates.

And she continued: Special thanks to the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority for its permanent and great support for art, culture and creators in the Arab world, may God protect the UAE government and people.

A few minutes later, Muhammad Ramadan revealed his presence with Nabila Obaid, stressing that the meeting happened by chance, and he published several photos of them kissing her hand in appreciation of her artistic status, and commented on the photos on his official Facebook page, saying: The most beautiful coincidence with my favorite star Nabila Obaid in Dubai

And Nabila Obeid republished the same photos and sent a message to the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, through her account on the Instagram website, and said: With the beautiful star Mohamed Ramadan in Dubai, a meeting in which a lot of respect, fitness and beautiful needs, Lord of goodness is always for everyone.

Nabila Obeid praised Muhammad Ramadan’s talent. Follow-up: Muhammad Ramadan is a huge actor. I like his work and ideas, and I always follow his artwork.. I miss you.

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