Myriam Fares launches “Ghadara Ya Donia”


Elaf from Beirut: Lebanese singer Myriam Fares released her new video song “Ghadara Ya Donia” through her official YouTube channel. It is written by Rola Fares, composed by Walid Al Masih, and distributed by Idriss Rochish.

And she says at the beginning: “You are treacherous, Donia, and the best thing about you is that I don’t care about you. You are treacherous, Donia, and even if no matter how hard you are to me, I will live. His love was a fantasy. Take my soul and peace of mind. His love was a difficult fantasy. I will live with you, Donia… A trust, Donia, if he comes to form you even for him. A trust, Donia, would you take him, so he hugs you and turns his eyes.”

Myriam said, through a documentary film that she launched on Thursday, June 3, in cooperation with the Netflix digital platform, and promoted it through her accounts on social media: “On the 7th of July 2017, it was confirmed that I was pregnant with my second child, and at that time I had health problems, my body could not bear pregnancy, And I felt as if a part of me would feel guilty even though it was not my fault, and I felt depression, loneliness, and a feeling that could not describe what he feels except for the six who are going through the same circumstances.”
Miriam confirmed that her son’s death broke her, saying: “What happened broke me, and my focus remained that I am the oldest of my family, and this thing took 4 years. They were difficult, and I hope that the day will come and reconcile with my condition.”
Fares indicated that from that moment on, she no longer had a goal and a dream, pointing out that she had stopped her personal and artistic projects and the songs she was preparing for.

The film later touched on Miriam’s third pregnancy, in her son “Dave”, who was in a difficult time, as her pregnancy coincided with the beginning of the first cases of Corona virus infection in Lebanon, which caused her panic, and the fear that the tragedy she lost to her son would be repeated, which made her decide to isolate And complete distance from the outside world inside her palace with her husband and first son “Jayden”.

Myriam moved from extreme fear to coexisting with the situation, and hope was renewed again waiting for “Dave”, and her willingness to receive him, and the events moved quickly between her nine months of pregnancy, and she reviewed many of the traditional details that pregnant women go through, from periodic follow-ups with the obstetrician and gynecologist Seeing the fetus for the first time through the sonar device, and then following up on the weight gain, and identifying the physical, hormonal and mood changes of pregnant women during that period, up to the awaited moment, which is the hour of birth, the exit of the young child to the world, the overwhelming happiness that the mother feels at that time, and the hope that is renewed In life with each new birth.


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