Myriam Fares continues her success: 6 million in one week


The star, Myriam Fares, achieved one success after another, as the song “Ghadara Ya Donia” gained 6 million views in the first week of its launch on her official YouTube channel.

Day after day, the song achieved success after another, as it began to resonate in all nightlife venues and on radio stations in all Arab countries.

It is reported that the video clip for the song “Ghadara Ya Donia” was filmed in Berlin, Germany, under the direction of director Sherif Tarhini. And, as the audience of Fares is accustomed to, it presents, each time, a panoramic panel that accompanies the work. This time, she chose to embody contemporary dance, which brought her together with one of the most important French dancers.

The song “Ghadara Ya Donia” is written by Rola Fares, composed and “mix” by Walid Al Masih and distributed by Idriss Roshish and “Mastering” at Abbey Road Studios. The title of the song played an important role in the marketing plan set by “Myriam Music”, as it was the title in Arabic “Myriam Fares – Ghadara Ya Donia” for its documentary on Netflix “Myriam Fares – The Journey”, which began showing on 3 June 2021 and still until now, and after 13 days of its launch, it tops the lists of the most watched, most popular and most searched on the platform in all Arab countries.

Today, it ranked sixth in the list of the ten most popular Arab and foreign films that are followed, the most popular 10 films, in addition to the “Trending” list, after being ranked first among these lists for 7 days in various countries. Arab countries, including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Kuwait.


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