My sweetheart, Hassan Shakoush, reaps millions in record time – with video


The Egyptian artist wonHassan ShakoushA resounding success two weeks after he released his new song, which the Egyptian actress participated inJasmine ChiefUnder the title “My Love, Open Your Network, I’m Jet”, the number of views has exceeded 18 million.
The song is written by Mohamed Ghobashi and Mostafa El-Jin, composed by Hassan Shakoush, and distributed by mix and master Islam Sasso.
Its beginning says: “My love.. Open your window. I came.. I’m standing under the house.. I will not make a middleman.. I miss you.. you turn around and turn around why.. I don’t want to bend over to you.. Look at me, daughter of the verse.. I told you with my hobbies.. If you don’t come with me.. I will commit a thousand felony.. He will turn a zombie.. I will come to you.. and I say I miss you.. You are the second text..


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