My personal problems did not affect my art and people follow the artist’s work


Last update: June 8 – 2021 7:17 PM

Despite all her personal problems, the Gulf singer Hala Al-Turk was able to overcome them and return to present the most beautiful songs, the last of which was with the Lebanese singer Jad Choueiri, entitled “Layali Al-Siyaf”, which was filmed in the Lebanese suburbs. How did the project come about? This is what Hala Al-Turk says to “Sawt Beirut International”: Mrs. Nadine Tarabay, director of the production company with which I collaborate, “Platinum Records” contacted Jad Al-Shweiri in order to complete a duet “Layali Al-Summa” and then my business manager Tania Abyad arranged all The issues and then traveled to Lebanon and filmed the song, which was written by Jad Choueiri, composed by Roberto Ferrari and Choueiri, and distributed by Suleiman Damian, and she continues: Since the song contains hope and joy, meaning it is full of positivity, of course all people in this period need this positivity, and praise be to God, it has met with remarkable success a few days ago. The first to be launched and achieved millions of views on YouTube. Is there any new work for her in the coming period? She confirms that Platinum Records is constantly searching for new songs that suit her voice and personality.

As for the lyrical works that were released in the market and won her admiration, Hala says, “All the works that were released in the recent period are successful, and I wish success to everyone, but for my part, I loved the song “Bravo Alek” by the trio Abdel Aziz Al-Wais, Badr Shuaibi and Hanin Hussein, and I also liked the song of the singer Balqis “New Status” with creative queen G

As for her own problems that spread on social media and in the media about her dispute with her mother, Hala Al-Turk explains that those who love her and follow her singing and theatrical works were not negatively affected by all the family problems raised, and that my production company was not affected in turn by everything that happened because they know that the work of The artist is the basis of his career.

And about her experience in the “Arabs Got Talent” program in its first season, and whether she still remembers from this experience, she indicates that she was very young and was happy with all the details, and there are situations that “I do not forget, including when I looked at the journalist Amr Adib and gave him a poor look, and he gave her “yes” without hesitation, Likewise, the wealthy Lebanese Shams Najwa Karam and Brigadier General Ali Jaber did.

And finally, what do you tell us about her new acting projects? Hala Al-Turk confirms that she had two projects in this field, the first to participate in a musical and the second in a drama series, but the Corona pandemic stopped these two projects and confirmed that she hopes that this crisis ends well, and then she will definitely return to theater and acting stronger than before, God willing.


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