“My heart aches for me” – Norte newspaper


The Lebanese actress crossed Nawal al-zughby She expressed her anger at the difficult economic and living conditions that her country has reached, especially with the power outage in most areas.

وكتبت Nawal al-zughby In a tweet via her Twitter account: “For the idols who are sitting on chairs! Maan News Lebanon Inside it’s dark!!!! I mean, the Lebanese people will not have electricity!!!!! It means kidney paralysis!!!

Surprisingly, some considered it a cry Nawal al-zughby Talk about politics, to which the Lebanese star responded by saying, “Politics!!!!!!! The country is going in the dark, meaning even hospitals will not be in!!!! One of them wants to silence us, and the other tells the motor’s turn, oh shame on you, where did we go!!! What is left in humanity!!!

Nawal returned and expressed her pain about what is happening to her country by responding to the journalist Andre Dagher, where she wrote: “My heart is hurting me and a lot for my country, which is dying in front of us and we can do nothing!!”.

It is mentioned that the causes of the current electricity crisis in Lebanon This is due to the lack of funds to import electricity fuels. The generator owners also announced the rationing of electricity supply in the parallel electricity network due to the fuel shortage crisis and the decline in the state’s electricity supply to record levels.


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