Muhammad Ramadan pays millions for fear of seizing his money


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed_Ramadan, has paid more than 2 million pounds at the Center for Senior Freelance Financiers in the Tenth District in Nasr City, to pay the income tax due on his total artwork since 2016.

The tax due on the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is estimated at about 2 million and 59 thousand pounds, after the center sent him a warning to seize his money in banks if he did not pay the taxes due on him.

Ramadan surprised his fans by publishing a video clip on his official account on the social media, announcing the reservation of a bank on his money.

Muhammad recounted the call that took place between him and the bank, saying: “I woke up today on a phone from the bank telling me the state has kept your money.

Responsible sources in the banking sector confirmed that the financial balances of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, in Egyptian banks, were not preserved.

The sources confirmed that the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s money that was seized is only 6 million pounds, the value of compensation for the heirs of the deceased pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, in implementation of the judicial ruling issued in their favour.

The pilot had died after being held in intensive care in a hospital for more than a month after his health deteriorated.

The pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, went through a famous crisis with the artist Mohamed Ramadan, which was separated from it, after Ramadan published a video clip showing that he was driving one of the planes during takeoff, after getting up from his passenger seat, and went to the cockpit of the plane, and claimed that he would drive the plane. Where the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr appears, he emptied his seat next to him after ordering the co-pilot to leave his seat so that “Ramadan” led the plane and announced through the internal loudspeaker of the plane that he was driving the plane.

After this announced incident, the Civil Aviation Authority imposed a penalty on pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr and revoked his license for life for violating safety standards while flying, in addition to withdrawing his assistant’s license for a year.

The pilot filed a lawsuit requesting financial compensation from Muhammad Ramadan, and the Economic Court obligated Muhammad to pay compensation of 6 million pounds to the pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

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The lawsuit stated that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, used the image of the pilot to promote himself by publishing a video clip for a new song for him, which he called “You do not search at the airport,” using the image of Abu Al-Yusr in a demonstration scene while driving the plane, which led to severe financial and moral damages to the pilot.

After the ruling, Muhammad published a video of him showing his money and scattering it in the pool and everywhere he was.

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He was subjected to many criticisms and countless insults, and some advised him to donate this money to the poor of Egypt instead of mocking the court’s decision, and that he is rich and does not care about anything and can pay any amount he wants.


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