Mufti Qabbani: It is not permissible for the designated chief to apologize as a result of being pushed to do so


Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Ragheb Qabbani issued the following statement:

“In the midst of quarrels in the process of forming a government after Prime Minister Saad Hariri was assigned this task by the representatives of the nation in Lebanon, and away from the demands and counter demands and the so-called rights of sects, parties, parties and sizes, it is necessary for “historical responsibility” to remind and warn of a dangerous event that affects the Lebanese constitution and order The year approved by the Taif Agreement and the formation of what is known as the Second Republic in Lebanon, which is an attempt to get any designated president to apologize for forming a government as a result of placing barriers in his way to prevent him from forming to make him apologize for forming a government.

Therefore, the Lebanese constitution has given parliamentarians the right to nominate the prime minister and assign him to form it in cooperation with the President of the Republic. Therefore, the assignment process is a form of election for the person in charge, which makes the choice of the representatives binding in terms of choosing the person who constitutes the government.

As for the cooperation that the constitution talks about with any president of the republic becoming an attempt to constantly reject formations to make any president-designate to form a government to apologize for forming the government, this is an attack on the choice of the deputies first, the right of the designated president second, and the spirit of the Taif constitution third.

Any president entrusted with forming a government has been given the right by the constitution to apologize for the assignment, but he may not apologize as a result of pushing him to do so through the continuous rejection of formations, which makes the President of the Republic a legislator inventing a right not granted by the constitution, which is the rejection of the name assigned to the formation.
Also, canceling the right of deputies to commission in this way is a clear coup against the Lebanese constitution and the commissioning process, and sets a dangerous constitutional precedent over what the Lebanese deputies have approved in Taif.


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