Moufid Ashour reveals Mahmoud Yassin’s advice to him

27 The mighty artist Mufid Ashour said that education is an art and not just words, noting that the actors in the series “Newton’s Game” are great, led by the artist Muhammad Mamdouh, Muhammad Farraj, the great Mona Zaki and Sayed Ragab.”Ashour” added, during his interview with the media, Manal Salama, on the “Hello Kalam” program, broadcast on “Echo Al-Balad” channel, that there is a director who adds to the actor and there is a director who is deducted from the actor’s credit, but a good actor adds to the role, whatever its nature, pointing to That there is a missing link now between the previous generation and the next generation, and that missing link is constantly expanding, and there is no communication between generations currently.

The artist Mufid Ashour pointed out that the late artist Mahmoud Yassin was a very respectable and friendly person, and Mahmoud Yassin spoke to me of the utmost magnificence, and it was a testimony that I cherish in my artistic career, and he said to me first when you enter the plateau, say hello to all people, and your relationship with all people in the plateau must be human Good because the first response to represent you who are on the plateau.

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