Mostafa Qamar after his son’s wedding: Thank you to all the stars of Egypt and the Arab world


The artist, Mostafa Qamar, wrote a letter of thanks through his official account on the Instagram website to his star friends who were keen to attend the wedding of his son Iyad, which was held last Wednesday in a famous hotel in Cairo.Qamar published a set of pictures of the wedding ceremony, and commented on them: “The joy of Iyad, my son, and his bride, Sarah, my daughter, is really a joy from the heart. Thank you to all my sisters, the stars of Egypt and the Arab world. The love is in your eyes. Receiving your legs that brought you and thank you for your hard work, which is unable to wish for your love in my heart is indescribable, our Lord.” I wish you all happiness and rejoice from your heart.”

The wedding ceremony was attended by a number of stars, including Hamid Al Shaeri, Muhammad Hamaki, Hamada Hilal, Hisham Abbas, Hani Salama, Muhammad Ragab, Ihab Tawfiq, Medhat Saleh, Jannat, and others.


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