Moscow and its province announce mandatory vaccination against corona for employees in the service sector


Moscow and its province announce mandatory vaccination against corona for employees in the service sector

Sputnik Pavel Bednyakov

Today, Wednesday, the authorities of the Russian capital, Moscow and its province, announced the imposition of mandatory vaccination against the Corona virus for employees in the social services sector, in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

The chief health official in Moscow, Yelena Andreeva, signed a decree requiring the necessity to ensure the mandatory vaccination of a number of social groups.

This decision affects employees of companies operating in the sectors of trade, beauty, sports, sunrooms, restaurants, public personal services (such as laundry), financial, official and social services, postal, public transportation (including taxi drivers), education, and health care. and social, cultural, recreational and sports events, and children’s parties, in addition to the staff of museums, cinemas and theaters.

The decision also includes employees in official institutions in Moscow, without affecting employees who have health barriers that do not allow them to receive the vaccine.

The decision obligated the directors of companies and institutions in Moscow to ensure that 60 percent of their total number of employees are vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine (or the single-dose vaccine “Sputnik Light”) by next July 15, and with the second dose until August 15, while instructing the Moscow government to determine the needs for the required vaccines and equipment to conduct this vaccination campaign.

The chief health official of the Moscow region, Olga Mikhailova, issued a similar decree.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin stressed, in a statement posted on his official website, that vaccination against Corona represents a personal decision as long as a person stays at home, but with regard to workers in the social services sector, this issue concerns the health of others as well.

Sobyanin acknowledged that the epidemiological situation in Moscow was still developing “dramatically”, noting that the pace of the epidemic in the capital rose today to the highest levels recorded last year.

The mayor confirmed that the number of people infected with “Covid-19” disease in Moscow hospitals is currently more than 12,000 people, adding: “Moscow is at the crossroads of all roads, and we are facing the worst strikes of the pandemic, and therefore we need solid protection from the dangerous disease to avoid the death of thousands of city residents. The way to achieve this is through vaccination.

During the last day, 75 deaths and 5,782 confirmed cases of coronavirus were recorded in Moscow, which causes the disease “Covid-19”.

Source: RT


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